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~Write. Learn. Play. Two days January 6 & 7, 2018 in Albuquerque

~Write. Learn. Play. Two day 2018 in Santa Fe, NM


Our Events

Are you tired of the same old writer’s conference format? Our fiction writer events combine research on what spurs creativity with writing workshops to create a new kind of writer event. Let’s get back to having fun, play, and creativity to help us be better creative writers, whether you write short stories or novels.

  • Write. We’ll discuss and learn writing methods for better writing and give you time to work on your writing projects as well as give you some new ideas.
  • Learn. We’ll learn how to incorporate new things into our everyday lives to spur creativity, and use instructional processes that help us learn (group discussion-review, practice, and teach others)
  • Play. We’ll do things that have been shown to help creativity, like seeing an art installation, going for a walk, staying up late night or getting up early, (and others) and then explore how it affects our writing.


Here’s a quick bit of information about Plot Duckies. This was me presenting my business journey with One Million Cups at FatPipe ABQ, which will be our first stop for the one-day event. I love this space! So open and colorful.