Saturday, January 6 & 7, 2018: 9 AM to 4 PM – Creativity & Publishing

Day 1: Get ideas you never knew you had!

You’ll walk away with your notebook of ideas for your next story, know how to use the research on creativity for your own writing schedule, knowledge of better writing practices, and an assignment for writing your next story to be entered in our short story contest.

Day 2: Publishing!

We’ll bring in some experts to talk to you about all sorts of publishing: Newspaper, online, journals, traditional publishers, and self-publishing. We’ll find out what it is you need to know and make sure you walk away with your plan on getting published.

See the schedule and list of speakers!




What happened at our first event?

  • Bruce Pitt wrote his first short story ever and is editing it to submit to Amazon short stories.
  • Christine Chronis came up with new ideas for her blog posts and wrote a new blog.
  • Elisabeth Loya used the Writers’ Schedule to find time for writing.

What will you do at our next event?


You will need to:

~Bring your writer’s Notebook!
~Be ready to be active – we’ll be walking around…
~Bring your favorite book (in print or online is fine!) – We’ll be talking about these books.
~Bring your walking shoes.

We’ll be doing some activities that spur creativity (as per a ton of research that’s really boring to read, but I won’t make you read that.)




Did you know that as we age, 98% of us learn to be less creative? The good news is that research shows we can relearn to be creative again. That’s the idea behind Plot Duckies events. Combine ways in which we can flex our creativity muscles, learn betters ways to write, how to take our ideas and turn them into stories, get valuable feedback, talk to published authors and each other (all ways we learn). So the best of a writers conference combined with creative activities.

Your Host

MeI’m Sonja Dewing. I work full-time as a freelance writer, have one nonfiction book being published in January (as well as one poem and won one flash fiction contest) and I have one adventure novel in the editing phase. I know what it’s like to be a writer and work toward publishing and to sometimes have to search for creative ideas. I’m also an Instructional Designer and Trainer and work part time for the University of New Mexico’s Continuing Education Department teaching and developing courses. My students have always given me top marks for keeping their interest and keeping everyone involved in the learning process. I hope you’ll join me in September.


Are you ready to take your writing to the next level? Then I highly suggest you sign up today. Limited to 30 seats in order to keep this as a small group!