Plot Duckies

Plot Duckies helps creative writers banish writer’s block through fun and informative events, as well as our new subscription box.

The subscription box has fun things as well as helpful workbooks, checklists, etc. to help the writer keep writing each month and fill their notebooks with ideas for their next writing project.

We also lead a writing review group so that writers who are interested in publishing have the opportunity to learn and grow. We are based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and have been in business for 2 years.

About me

I’m Sonja Dewing and I love helping writers. A few years ago, I started as a liaison for the National Novel in a Month (basically inspiring and helping others write 50,000 words in November) and then I started a writer’s review group to help as many as I could continue with their writing projects. I hand out little rubber ducks as a bit of inspiration and call them Plot Duckies – hence the name.

The evolution to events happened when I attended another standard, boring writer’s conference. Sitting on my butt all weekend was kind of annoying. I didn’t get any real experience or knowledge from being there and as a Custom Training Developer, I know that the best way to learn is through doing.

I also have over fifteen years of experience as a Trainer, Instructional Designer, and Event Coordinator.

Let’s Meet Differently

So why can’t creative writers meet differently? Why must we go to conferences like lawyers or real estate specialists?

And the idea of Plot Duckies was born. Writer events that bring us back to play in order to be more creative, but also help us learn about the writing process.

Creativity Discovered

I dove into the details about what helps us be more creative and spent months reading boring research so that no one else had to suffer through that stuff! I wrote a book, “Feed Your Creative Writer” to be self-published in 2017, and I’ve presented to groups about how to hack their creativity.

My own Writing Process?

I run a writing review group. They like to call themselves “Sonja’s Angry Writers”. It has something to do with me coming from roller derby practice before I come to the meetings and I’m honored that they named it after me. I’ve been working with and running writing review groups for years and I know that having an honest and fair group of reviewers is the best way to learn to be a better writer.

I’m also really excited that my first novel, Toy of the Gods, was be published by Creativia in 2017.

The Team

I’ll be teaming up with published authors and bringing this event all around the country. I’ll be adding more about the team soon, but if you want to know anything about me (CEO, Sonja Dewing) you can check out my personal website.

Kendall Lovely

Kendall Lovely is the first intern for the program! She’ll be assisting at events, as well as learning how to coordinate events and becoming a better creative writer. She’s a graduate of the University of New Mexico (Comparative Literature & Cultural Studies); and a creative writer.