Review Group Meetup

I run a writing review group session out of FatPipe ABQ. We have one group that reviews novel length pieces, and our short review group is split into two due to high attendance.


The short story and novel excerpt group

Two individuals submit their piece to the writing review group a week before the meeting date. Each reviewer reads the piece and prepares their review.

The review in person is:

  • One thing you liked about the piece and
  • at least three things that didn’t work for you, that you had questions about, or that took you out of the story.

The author is never allowed to say “but I did that because…” This is because we’re not here to defend our piece. We’re here to listen to what our audience has to say. Although questions and conversation are definitely encouraged.

Right now we are split into two groups due to the high attendance. It’s free to join and we meet every other Saturday.

The full novel review group

One individual submits their novel at least four weeks before the writing review group meeting date. This group was just formed and we’re deciding on the critiquing rules. Right now there’s no more room in this group, but let me know if you want to be waitlisted.


Both groups end the year in October because most of us are involved in National Novel Writing Month in November and that would be madness to do both reviews and writing! We meet up in January to reorganize for the new year.

The power of a good review is tremendous to any writer, so if you’re ready to meet, drop me a line!


Published Items from our group

You are not under any pressure to publish! But, if someone on the team does publish, I’ll share their works here:


Dewing, Sonja: Toy of the Gods –  When a recently awakened Inca god strands a group of tourists in the Amazon, former adventurer Leslie Kicklighter must lead the group of tourists to safety, or face the ultimate consequences.

They’ll have to get past armed bandits, angry villagers, a banana plantation owner and even drunken monkeys — all while hoping the god doesn’t want any more from them.

Toy Of The Gods is a story of one woman’s heroism, and how a group of strangers band together and attempt to survive an impossible journey with plenty of action, sex, thrills, and fun.


Hamel, Katy: Soon to be published


Tarrow, Trinity: Leesea’s Destiny – Annalisa’s life was uncomplicated and fulfilling – just the way she liked it. All she needed to be happy was her bookstore and her faithful yellow Labrador, Bowie.

Braeden spent centuries fighting against a group of rogue vampires known as the Bradacha. As the oldest son of the King, it was his duty to protect the world in which he was born, and the human world he now lived in.

When the two meet, Annalisa’s quiet life suddenly turns into a whirlwind of madness and otherworldly creatures. That life includes Braeden, who quickly finds out that fighting the Bradacha is child’s play compared to the task of having to convince Annalisa that they are destined to be together.

But can their love flourish in the chaos surrounding them, and will Annalisa be able to throw caution to the wind and embrace their destiny?