By encouraging people to engage in writing their stories and sharing those stories with the world through our subscription, we will connect readers to new ideas and bridge the gap of knowledge because stories make sense of our world and create a shared understanding. We’ve seen individuals come to our events who have never written a story before, walk away with a professional, published piece and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do.

What do others say about us? Katy Hammel, who’s first novel recently won the Douglas Preston award for published fiction says, “Plot Duckies gives wanna-be creative writers the structure and support to grow in the craft of composing, editing and publishing short stories and novels.” Jim Tritten, author of  Kato’s Grand Adventure and other award-winning stories says, “Well-structured sjpringboards for and explosion of talent.”

We anticipate growing our events through virtual experiences, offering audio of stories through a podcast, expanding our in-person events across the US, as well as publishing novels by writers in the Southwest.

We have unique events for writers, a free review group for Albuquerque writers, we offer services to writers, and we share great stories with readers!

See how it all started – this was our CEO, and published author, Sonja Dewing, presenting her business journey with One Million Cups at FatPipe ABQ (a coworking space and where our business calls home.) Hear about how Plot Duckies™ started, what we’re working on, and even how we came up with the name!


Want to know more? Check out the about page.

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A little bit of reading goes a long way 💕 #shortstories #shortstorysubscription

4 days ago
NM Film Foundation zooms in on sci-fi/fantasy

Hey New Mexico script writers check it out! https://www.abqjournal.com/1470504/nm-film-foundation-zooms-in-on-scififantasy.html

George R.R. Martin backing grant program

5 days ago

Hey writers! If you want some support writing, you should check out Camp Nano! It started today and goes through July. Keep writing! ♥️

5 days ago
Dancing an Indigenous Future with Albuquerque's Native American Hip-Hop Scene | KQED Arts

Love it!

Albuquerque’s thriving hip-hop and freestyle dance scene is influenced by Indigenous dancers from many tribes, Pueblos and other communities. A strong sense ...

6 days ago

Announcing virtual tickets for short story-athon

1 week ago

Enjoying this nice Sunday out! Love supporting local businesses! 🌞#plotduckies #bosquebrewery

1 week ago
3 Great Writing Tips No One Ever Talks About

Here are a few tips that might help you with your story 😊

Got a favourite unusual writing tip? Leave it in the comments! Discover your next indie read!: https://reedsy.com/discovery FIND REEDSY HERE: Blog: https://b...

1 week ago

Reposting something I saw in a writing group. And seriously if you have to ask how to add a person of color to your story then it’s time to go back to writing basics.

 Mar thank you for these ... See more

2 weeks ago

Two of our stories have made it into the top 30 of best sellers! Check out #16 and #27. 🙂

2 weeks ago

And... the third story published during our Short Storyathon - Fragile by Nichole Goodmann



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