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We know how important it is to read great role models.

As a smart and caring person you want to be able to give books and read books that represent your values.

I created Plot Duckies so you can be the hero of the next birthday or gift giving event, even if that next gift is to yourself!

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I’m Sonja Dewing, award-winning and best-selling author. I started Plot Duckies to help authors get their books published. It all started with Katy Hammel, who asked me to become a publisher because she didn’t want to have to deal with self-publishing or finding a publisher. I was proud to take on her book, which soon became an award-winner (Douglas Preston Award for Fiction – Gold). I’ve since helped authors like Maria, who wanted to publish a children’s book but didn’t have the money for an illustrator. I helped her run a crowdfunding program and now her book, Gramita’s Tortillas, is a published and award-winning children’s book. I’m kind of a book shepherd.

Meet our amazing team and authors.

We’re a talented group of creative individuals interested in publishing and writing.

Sonja Dewing

CEO, Creativity Instigator

Published author, business mentor, and lead organizer for One Million Cups. She drinks too much coffee, loves her giant puppy Bo, and plays roller derby!

The journey started when she had problems finding an agent and got too many- “Sorry, I don’t take an adventure with a female lead character.”

Briana Kurdi

Marketing Manager

Went to the University of New Mexico and majored in marketing.

She’s a very easy-going person with a big heart. She strives to gain knowledge and is determined to turn information into action and that has contributed to her most recent success.

She is a great leader and influencer and her resilience has made her the person she has become.

Catherine (Casey) Collier

Copy Editor

The latest member of the team – loves to read books, plays DnD with friends, and enjoys crocheting.

Katy Hammel

Multi award-winning Author of middle grade book Meg Goes to America

Is an assistant principal at the largest high school in the Albuquerque Public School district. As a teacher, she helped more than 40 students write and publish novels of their own through National Novel Writing Month. Katy has published several short stories. Meg Goes to America is her debut novel, and winner of the Gold Medal Douglas Preston Award for Published Fiction.

Maria Gomez

Award-winning Author of bilingual children’s book and coloring book Gramita’s Tortillas

Grew up in Santa Rosa, NM and enjoyed the simple pleasures of small town life – family, community and the outdoors. Moved to Albuquerque and wanted to explore creative writing – led to publishing her first story with the guidance of Plot Duckies. “Plot Duckies gave me the tools to share a story that I’ve always wanted to bring to life about my childhood, growing up with my Grandmother and the lesson I learned to never underestimate the power and comfort of a fresh tortilla.”

Ronin Romero

Author of the epic sci-fi Glyph (Book 1 in the series Revelations)

is an author of short stories, poetry and novels in the realm of horror, suspense, science fiction and LGBTQIA+. Having been included in editions of Somewhere Between and Believing in Greatness, his work is never afraid to delve into the darkest of human emotions. His stories are meant to take you out of this world, and into a place where your heart rate never slows.

Born in Houston, and raised in New England, Ronin now resides in the enchanting New Mexican desert.

Cecilia Garland and more!


Ten authors joined the call for an anthology of steamy romance fairy tale retellings in Dark Fantasy: Spicy Fairy Tales.

These stories are not for the faint of heart, but if you like strong female characters in your fairy tales, and plenty of chiseled muscles, check out these stories.

Linda Duncan is coming soon!

Author of a great story.

Are you next?

Author of a great story.

We want to see novels with strong female characters.

She’s not intimidated, fights for the little guy, can be a beacon of hope, sometimes she’s the underdog, and she’s still human with plenty of emotions and emotional connection.

Our publishing contract is one page. If you don’t feel you’re getting what you need from us as a publisher, you can back out at any time. We do ask that any funds we’ve used to create your book are paid back (formatting, cover design, filing your copyright, etc.)

Contact us here with your one page synopsis.

We’re proud of our published books. Check out our list!

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