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This was our CEO, Sonja Dewing, presenting her business journey with One Million Cups at FatPipe ABQ (a coworking space and where our business calls home.) Hear about how Plot Duckies™ started, what we’re working on, and even how we came up with the name!


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3 weeks ago
Plagiarism, ‘book-stuffing’, clickfarms ... the rotten side of self-publishing

There are some serious issues to consider when publishing. Some authors hire cheap ghostwriters (like from Fivr) so they can pile up tons of published books. Personally, we prefer to just be genuine ... See more

Scams are rife, particularly when some authors can rake in thousands each month – but high-profile victims of plagiarism warn ‘day of reckoning is coming’

3 weeks ago

Is your goal to get more writing done this year?

Many writers find that the best way to get writing done is to attend a writing event.

Look for local writing events (we have a few under events ... See more

3 weeks ago
Albuquerque Reads

Reading is beautiful! Especially Dr. Suess.

This is what happy readers look like! These atrisco students recieved a box of Dr. Seuss books and are having a blast reading them. Let them be your #MondayMotivation to keep encouraging children to ... See more

3 weeks ago
Check out Jason Witter.

Please vote for local author, Jason Witter, daily! ❤️📓🖊

Best of Burque 2019

3 weeks ago
New Writers Contest

New writers! Check out this opportunity...

TulipTree's contest for new writers for the Summer issue of TulipTree Review

3 weeks ago

Writers! Do you use editing tools to help (ie before you send it to an editor?). Such as Grammarly or proWritingAid?

3 weeks ago

Want a coupon code to one of our events? Go and invite a friend or friends to the event using the Invite option, then comment in the event "I can't wait!" and we'll send you a coupon code. Size of ... See more

4 weeks ago

If you hear of a flash fiction contest, please let us know! We're collecting a list for our Flash Fiction Workshop attendees - so they have some ideas of where to submit their work! 🙂

4 weeks ago
1 Million Cups ABQ

We're so excited for our CEO! She was chosen for the US delegation to Bahrain for the Global Entrepreneurship ... See more

Congratulations Sonja Dewing! Our lead organizer was chosen as one of the US delegates to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Bahrain, and she successfully fundraised for the airline ticket. ... See more

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