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This was our CEO, Sonja Dewing, presenting her business journey with One Million Cups at FatPipe ABQ (a coworking space and where our business calls home.) Hear about how Plot Duckies™ started, what we’re working on, and even how we came up with the name!


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2 months ago
The Screenwriting Challenge 2020

Looking for a writing challenge? What about screen writing with NYC Midnight?

The Screenwriting Challenge is a competition that challenges writers to create short screenplays in as little as 24 hours based on a genre, subject, and character assignment.

2 months ago

Something to consider - signing up for Camp NanoWrimo and write a story or a novel in April!

2 months ago
Birds of Burque Mural Project

Couldn't make the event at Little Bird de Papel? You can donate to the giant mural "Birds of Burque" here and let's get it finished! ... See more

Join the Albuquerque art movement - Support the five-wall mural that will change Mountain Road. | Check out 'Birds of Burque Mural Project' on Indiegogo.

3 months ago

In case you felt you needed a Plot Duckies T-shirt, here you go! 🙂

3 months ago
Photos from Plot Duckies's post

We’ll have these cuties on hand this Friday at the Little Bird de Papel event. $1 each and every dollar goes into the fundraising for the Birds of Burque mural! 😊 🐥 #plotduckies

3 months ago
Short Story Subscription - 1 per month

The first story being released for the short story subscription is Katy Hammel's Midnight at the De Anza! Get your by signing up today 🙂

Ready to find new authors and new creative short stories? No need to search for your next new read. We’ll send them directly to you! We’ve got a bevy of short stories from a variety of New Mexico ... See more

3 months ago
Short Story Subscription - Plot Duckies

As heard at E3/One Million Brews - Here's how to sign up for the subsription!

3 months ago

This is the coolest thing ever! One of the stories published during our Short Storyathon is #1 in its category. Way to go Jonathan ... See more

3 months ago
Jonathan Chisdes

Yeah! Next up - Dream Flight. 😊

Follow Jonathan Chisdes and explore their bibliography from's Jonathan Chisdes Author Page.

3 months ago
Lagrangian Space Station Part 2

Here's the second story published during the Short Storyathon! You can buy Sonja Dewing, Author's Sci fi on Amazon:

Transporting a prisoner back to Lagrangian Space Station, Skye finds that she’s embroiled in a fight between two factions. The lives of thousands, and especially some special children, are in her ... See more

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