A Short Story Collection One Week at a Time

Interview about short story collection

Our CEO talked with Chad Brummett of New Mexico Living about our short story collection – it’s our Short Story Subscription. The stories come from a variety of New Mexico authors.

Short Story Collection

The stories are written by a variety of authors, all of whom have come to our Short Storyathon. Many of the stories remain in the Amazon Hot Reads for weeks! You can purchase the subscription for yourself or a friend.

Hear the interview here:

See the full article here: https://nmliving.com/2020/06/11/get-short-stories-from-local-authors-through-a-subscription/?fbclid=IwAR3Rip68_RK64D-sjdgJr8jXlD-QPvhzDXy53fneHTTwFXQtzEdr-EMPp9Q

And, get your subscription here.

A Short Story Collection One Week at a Time

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