The PlotFinder Package and the 5-Minute Author: How to Write A Novel

Get (and stay!) in the habit of writing

The last novel you read was probably written 30 minutes at a time – stop waiting and write yours! Purchase The 5-Minute Author Plotfinder Package and get writing.

You know you want to write – we’ll help you succeed with:

The 5 Minute Author

The 5 Minute Author

  • A guide and community that will help you stay on track and stay motivated
  • A daily 5-minute audiobook to help prime your creativity
  • A workbook and planner so you don’t lose the plot or forget key points/details
  • 20% coupon to Scrivener (As PC Magazine states “… the best pieces of software for writers because it was built with their needs in mind.”)
  • A duckie to be your faithful (albeit silent) guide and companion
  • Other cool stuff that will make the process more fun!



Pre-sales start today and end 1/30/2019 (Extended our date as we’re working with a really busy editor and audio studio!)

  • The presale orders will ship on 01/30/2019.
  • Two lucky peeps each will win an hour consultation with a team member, that’s Sonja or Elisabeth.
  • Price includes shipping.

Save $10 by ordering it now. (Price after 1/30/2019 – $59.99)

Update: If you’ve been keeping your eye on our progress – here’s the latest. The book is available as an ebook as of 12/20/2018, we’re in the process of getting it in paperback, and we are producing the audio version. The goal is to have all versions available by 1/30 – we’ll ship out those preorders on 1/30/2019.

Get started on that story in the time it takes you to commute on the train, the bus, or during your next lunch break.

More details on the package:


Link to audiobook (via audible) -30 different 5-minute chapters for you to listen to each day and develop your writing habit.

Free ebook version -In case you’d rather like to read it!

20% coupon to Scrivener (a fantastic program to write your novel)

Notebook w/dividers
You’ll hear more about the notebook in the audiobook, but we remember things better when we write them down in longhand, and we generally experience or hear interesting things in our lives that we’ll want to add to our writing. (This is a process Sonja’s used to write stories that have received 5-star reviews)

Beautiful pen (at least we think so)
So you can write down those ideas in your notebook. And, let’s be honest, writers love pens.

Access to a Facebook group Access to our team –ask us questions, and get support from people just like you! This gives you that community and support, as well as access to our team for those times you need questions answered or need to crowdsource your ideas.


A Plot Duckie (of course!)
Why a duckie? Soooo many reasons. First, your duckie is your symbol that you belong to the Plot Duckie world. Take it with you when you write in a coffee shop and show it off. It’s an invitation for other Plot Duckies to join you. Second, the duckie is there to be a sounding board. (more about that is in the audiobook!), Third, this is Plot Duckies! 😀

A ten-minute timer
This timer is an old-fashioned sand timer and that’s on purpose. Let’s say you’re at your desk at work at lunchtime and you want to time your writing – you turn over the timer and get started. Suddenly, you’re on a roll, you completely forget about the timer. It finishes and you’re still writing and you don’t even know 10 minutes has gone by.

Outline your novel Workbook– to give you a roadmap to start

Tracking document that you can email us for a free reward after 30 days of steady writing!


Count down to presale ending and price increase








About the team

Sonja Dewing Author

Sonja Dewing Author

Sonja Dewing is the mind behind The 5-Minute Author. She’s an award-winning creative writer, published author, and freelance writer. She’s also a liaison for NaNoWriMo (helps people write 50,000 words in a month), so she has a lot of experience encouraging others in their writing. She’s also an adventure hound and plays roller derby as “Author of Pain.” She writes thrillers, sci-fi, mystery, and humor.



Elisabeth Loya

Elisabeth Loya

Elisabeth Loya is a published author and creativity co-instigator for Plot Duckies. Her approach to writing stems from two games that she played during long road trips with her mom. The What If Game resulted in a story unraveling itself, often into the realm of the ridiculous. The other (unnamed) game challenged her to tell the stories of passers-by as they did mundane tasks, revealing that even the most ordinary people and tasks

had stories worth telling. Today, Elisabeth explores the motivations and consequences of ordinary people, if sometimes in extraordinary situations.