Another hotel I wanted to check for my writing conference (aka Write. Learn. Play. event) in Albuquerque was Hotel Andaluz. It was built and opened by Conrad Hilton in 1939 as the first hotel in Albuquerque and was renovated in 2008.

Previous Experience

I had been here before for an event. This was back when I volunteered to do some writer work for the Creative Startups accelerator program. I liked working in this space and felt it might do well for creative writers.

The positives

I was greeted by Sheila who showed me around to talk about the hotel.  The mezzanine and their library are freely available for anyone to relax and work, the rooms are very nice, and it’s within walking distance to restaurants and downtown. I could easily imagine myself sitting in one of the big leather chairs, writing a short story.

The not so positives

The casitas here (the little rooms in the lobby) are so cool, but they use them as their bar area, as well as the outdoor space that’s available, so drink purchases would be required to work in either of those spaces. The music throughout the hotel open space was pretty loud, although I was told reluctantly that we could ask to have it turned down.

Also, I’ve worked with event planning and training events for many years, so having someone say to me in a serious manner, “Well, make sure you don’t schedule it over Thanksgiving” struck me as a bit condescending.

One more location to check

Hmmm… Well, I have one more place to check out. The Hyatt Albuquerque. I know, it’s just a Hyatt. It doesn’t have a historic or Albuquerque vibe, but I want to give the big place a chance. Soon I’ll make my decision!

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