I was reserving this next blog for my review of the Albuquerque Hyatt. However, after visiting I realized what a terrible idea that was. The whole reasoning behind the event is to get out of the norm of a conference, and the Hyatt, well, it’s pretty normal (as per that first picture on the left)

So, I’ve narrowed the event down to one place  – the Hotel Parq Central. Possibly haunted (although no official sightings), definitely comfortable, and definitely a little different. We’ll have our own building to start with (for the first nine who sign up).

I’m currently pricing out the four-day event, hiring on a couple of published authors, looking at pulling in some student ambassadors and using my skills as an instructional designer to pull together an educational, fun, and helpful writer’s event.

If you are a writer in the earlier stages of your writing (i.e. you want to get published but you don’t feel your work is there yet), or if you’re an established writer, but want to explore new ideas – Then consider marking off your calendar for Nov 9-13 and to making it to Albuquerque.

More to come soon!