Querque Quills' Published Authors

So proud of our writers!

Some of our writing review group members from Querque Quills have been published!

Check out the variety of titles and even consider buying one for your reading pleasure:


Dewing, Sonja – Toy of the Gods

Toy Of The Gods is a novel of one woman’s heroism, and how a group of strangers band together and attempt to survive an impossible journey with plenty of action, sex, thrills, and fun.

Toy of the Gods is available in paperback and on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Thriller/Suspense/Adventure.

Hammel, Katy – Meg Goes to America

Meg’s family must leave Japan as World War II approaches. Missionary families are no longer safe there. But Father is told he must stay behind. Can the family make it home to America without him? How will Meg adapt to life in the USA, which feels more foreign to her than Japan ever did? Can she make sense of the religious ideas she was taught as a child, to grow into the person she is meant to be?

Meg Goes to America is available in paperback and on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Childrens Book/Historical Fiction/Military & Wars.


Hunter, Dallas – The Scullery Maid

The Scullery Maid is a 25,000-word novella. When Prince Rowland sets his sights on his Scullery Maid, she finds herself engaged in an entirely new kind of battle—a battle of desire.

The Scullery Maid is available electronically at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Smashwords. Historical/Romance/Erotica


Tarrow, Trinity – Leesea’s Destiny

Annalisa’s life was uncomplicated and fulfilling – just the way she liked it. All she needed to be happy was her bookstore and her faithful yellow Labrador, Bowie.

Braeden spent centuries fighting against a group of rogue vampires known as the Bradacha. As the oldest son of the King, it was his duty to protect the world in which he was born, and the human world he now lived in.

Leesea’s Destiny is available in paperback and on Kindle. Buy it on Amazon. Paranormal/Romance/Erotica