Published Short Stories from the Short Storyathon

The Short Storyathon™ was a crazy idea! Help writers get through a short story in a weekend. That includes idea creation, writing, editing, reviewing, professional editing, publishing to Amazon. And yet, somehow it works!

17 people attended the first-ever Short Storyathon in Albuquerque; 10 of those peeps published stories to Amazon. Since then we’ve helped even more authors publish their first short story. If you want to hear more about the event and future events, check our event calendar for the next one!

Below are all of the published short stories listed by genre. All stories are just $.99 – find one that piques your interest and read it today. 




Ire of the Gods

Dewing, Sonja

Benedict Cecil Spafford is the most famous of British explorers. He’s survived wars, snobby British society, and several excursions into the Amazon, but can he survive his brush with a god?

Cover design by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.

Contemporary Fiction

Midnight at the De Anza Motor InnMidnight at the De Anza Motor Inn

Katy Hammel

One day in a new place can completely change your perspective. But, standing in front of the crumbling De Anza Motor Inn, Julie and Henry aren’t so sure.

Cover Design by Alexa Verardo.

Available on Kindle

Family Stories

She Would Be Dead: Picking Cotton Ain’t a Game

Linda Piper

Have you ever wanted to pick cotton? Linn, an 8-year-old African American girl did. Thinking it was a romp in the fields for she identified with Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind.” All the pictures she had ever seen of Blacks in the fields were well-groomed slaves contentedly going about their work. She’ll find out that picking cotton is not a game.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle


The Two LuellasThe Two Luellas

Lynn Hanberry Worrell

The women in my family are explorers, always in search of knowledge, interested in advancements for the common good. One Luella was interested in worldly exploration of ancestral lands, the other Luella searching for her family identity after adoption. I have inherited the fruits of their searches. With this wealth of family lore, the recording of family history continues with these short stories of their lives.

Cover by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.



Sonja Dewing

All Lisa wants to do is get home to Albuquerque but finds herself searching for her new dog, Brutus. She’ll find more than that as she searches the Walmart in Roswell, NM.

Cover design by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.



Of Parrots and MenOf Parrots and Men

Sonja Dewing

Lisa just wants to have a perfectly normal book club meeting. However, her giant dog, Brutus, Steve the parrot, and the universe might have other plans.

Winner of the Plot Duckies 2018 Short Storyathon awards.

Cover design by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.


Deadly Derby: Heads Will RollDeadly Derby: Heads Will Roll

Sonja Dewing

Grace loved roller derby. She expected the game to be hard.

What she didn’t expect was to find murder and her life in danger.

Cover design by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.



The Last Fish in the FountainThe Last Fish in the Fountain

Katy Hammel

An orange and black fish – the last fish in the fountain — is the sole witness to a murder in the city park.

Can she help the police find the murder weapon?

Cover created by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.


Living Library & The Dead CatsThe Living Library & The Dead Cats

Sue Wolinsky

Three friends enjoy retirement life, living on a rural cul-de-sac in Albuquerque. They find themselves solving the case of the dead cats, only to learn that one of them may also be a target. 

Cover design by Alexa Verardo.

Available on Kindle.


Rural Urban Fantasy


Alma de Santa Fe by Elisabeth Loya

Alma de Santa Fe

Loya, Elisabeth

What if the person we pass each day was an angel in disguise? In Alma de Santa Fe, an unassuming guardian angel protects the city’s soul against a threat that could overtake the nature of the city itself. Winner of the Short Storyathon awards!

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.



Elisabeth Loya

“Hard times don’t create heroes. It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed.” – Bob Riley

Angela Bates had big dreams of escaping her small town with a scholarship to a fancy college. But a deadly curse will change the course of her life forever and reveal the hero within.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.



Elisabeth Loya

Ruby has no idea who her parents really are, but their secrets will come out when hell comes home.

This was written during the Plot Duckies Short Storyathon and was awarded top story for the October 2018 Short Storyathon event.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.


Rekindle by Dallas Alexander


Dallas Alexander

Jude Order survived something as a child, a monstrous and frightening ordeal even witnessing adults that night could not fully put into words. He’ll soon find out during his son’s camping trip that monsters can swim through secrets, hide through decades, and climb out your mouth when storytelling. Winner of the Short Storyathon awards!

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.

The Thinning VeilThe Thinning Veil

Winter Elise

Three friends enter a cemetery late on All Hallows’ Eve only to be drawn in by a mysterious box containing an old scroll. Translating the scroll brings up memories that fifteen-year-old Alex isn’t ready to face even with her friends by her side. Can their friendship survive what they’ve unleashed or is it all in the mind of a sick girl? 

Winner of the Short Storyathon Award Oct 2018.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.



A Spill in Aisle 7A Spill on Aisle 7

Byrne, Suzanne

As an RVer, Shelley has rambled from one parking lot to the next, always heeding the call of the road. But when she finds a safe lot, with a shady crab apple tree and an understanding store manager, she thinks she’s found a place to settle—but then the warm weather sets in.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.



Blind DateBlind Date

Jonathon Chisdes

One night, an elderly couple revisits the museum where they first met.

Cover made using Canva.

Available on Kindle.

Science Fiction


Daniel by Thomas Atkins

Daniel (Excerpt)

by Thomas Adkins

He was given the name Daniel when they pulled him from his body.

Dr. Theresa Howler is the scientist responsible for the creation of Pilots, genetically and cybernetically altered humans designed to integrate with machinery. When she is summoned to a remote military base at the edge of Coalition Space to discover why an experimental war Pilot is dying, one problem stands above all others: The Pilot is twelve years old – bred by the military for the sole purpose of combat.

With her career and reputation held hostage, Theresa is forced to decide whether to aid the military in the development of child soldiers or to let this boy die. Winner of the Short Storyathon awards! Available on Kindle.

And, a few others sent their stories elsewhere!

Tritten, Jasmine – Tornado Cookies

Being a tourist shouldn’t mean dealing with a tornado but what if it did?

Story starts on page 17 of the Sage by Southwest Writers.

Tritten, Jim – My Permanent Record

Jim had his story published in two journals!