Published Short Stories from the Short Storyathon

So cool to see all these stories!

The Short Storyathon™ was a crazy idea! Help writers get through a short story in a weekend. That includes idea creation, writing, editing, reviewing, professional editing, publishing to Amazon. And yet, somehow it worked!

17 people attended the first-ever Short Storyathon in Albuquerque; 10 of those peeps published stories to Amazon. If you want to hear more about the event and future events, check out the next Short Storyathon scheduled for Jan 23-25, 2019.

Below are all of the published short stories, starting with the winners of the “Short Storyathon Awards.” Dive into one of these short stories today and enjoy.


Winners of the Short Storyathon Awards.

Only three winners were chosen and it was a difficult task! 


Adkins, Thomas – Daniel (Excerpt)

He was given the name Daniel when they pulled him from his body.

Dr. Theresa Howler is the scientist responsible for the creation of Pilots, genetically and cybernetically altered humans designed to integrate with machinery. When she is summoned to a remote military base at the edge of Coalition Space to discover why an experimental war Pilot is dying, one problem stands above all others: The Pilot is twelve years old – bred by the military for the sole purpose of combat.

With her career and reputation held hostage, Theresa is forced to decide whether to aid the military in the development of child soldiers or to let this boy die.

Available on Kindle.


Alexander, Dallas – Rekindle

Jude Order survived something as a child, a monstrous and frightening ordeal even witnessing adults that night could not fully put into words. He’ll soon find out during his son’s camping trip that monsters can swim through secrets, hide through decades, and climb out your mouth when storytelling.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.


Loya, Elisabeth – Alma de Santa Fe

What if the person we pass each day was an angel in disguise? In Alma de Santa Fe, an unassuming guardian angel protects the city’s soul against a threat that could overtake the nature of the city itself.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.

Our Other Great Short Stories!

Byrne, Suzanne – A Spill on Aisle 7

As an RVer, Shelley has rambled from one parking lot to the next, always heeding the call of the road. But when she finds a safe lot, with a shady crab apple tree and an understanding store manager, she thinks she’s found a place to settle—but then the warm weather sets in.

Cover created using Canva.

Available on Kindle.


Chisdes, Jonathon – Blind Date

One night, an elderly couple revisits the museum where they first met.

Cover made using Canva.

Available on Kindle.


Dewing, Sonja – Ire of the Gods

Benedict Cecil Spafford is the most famous of British explorers. He’s survived wars, snobby British society, and several excursions into the Amazon, but can he survive his brush with a god?

Cover designed by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.


Hammel, Katy – The Last Fish in the Fountain

An orange and black fish – the last fish in the fountain — is the sole witness to a murder in the city park. Can she help the police find the murder weapon?

Cover created by Leslie Reilly.

Available on Kindle.

Tierney, Char – The Magical Library

Lester is dead, but he doesn’t know it. People come to try and take him to Heaven and he doesn’t catch on. Lester is the ultimate unreliable narrator. 

Cover made using Canva.

Available on Kindle.

And, a few others sent their stories elsewhere!

Tritten, Jasmine – Tornado Cookies

Being a tourist shouldn’t mean dealing with a tornado but what if it did?

Story starts on page 17 of the Sage by Southwest Writers.