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We love helping writers like you write your creative stories! Check out the resources for writers below:

Get a Plot Duckie

Writers Forum

As referenced in our CEO’s book, The 5-Minute Author: How to Write a Novel, if you need a Plot Duckie (to talk through your writing issue, or just for the cute factor), you can order one here. Make sure to insert your shipping address and we’ll pick one out of our big box of ducks. $4.00 includes shipping.

Buy yours here. Ducks are shipped out every Wednesday.

Trusted Resources

These are resources we’ve personally used for our events and our own published works, so we know they do good work. Tell them Plot Duckies sent you.


Lisa Mccoy –

Jim –

Cover Artists

Leslie Reilly –

Alexa Verardo –

Formatting your manuscript

Plot Duckies can do that! We have format specialists available to format your manuscript.

See our formatting page for details and prices

Helping You Through the Process

We can also assist you in finalizing a book cover (although we suggest taking a look at Canva – it’s an easy way to make one of your own); and we walk you through self-publishing on any online platform.

Got your finished Manuscript?

We want to see novels with strong female characters.

She’s not intimidated, fights for the little guy, can be a beacon of hope, sometimes she’s the underdog, and she’s still human with plenty of emotions and emotional connection.

Contact us with your one page synopsis.

Our publishing contract is one page. If you don’t feel you’re getting what you need from us as a publisher, you can back out at any time. We do ask that any funds we’ve used to create your book are paid back if we haven’t made enough from book sales. (formatting, cover design, filing your copyright, etc.)

Writer Events

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