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Authors receive a royalty for sales and a portion also goes to one of our favorite non-profits – Albuquerque Reads, “Albuquerque Reads empowers kindergarten students to be literate, lifelong learners through a supportive community of tutors and mentors.”
These stories have all been written during our Short Storyathon – on Friday night we gather our ideas and then it’s a flurry of writing, editing, reviewing, editing again, professional editors, cover artists, and then a final product by Sunday night. To find out more, you can check our events page.


Short story in the number one spot

Short story in the number one spot

Our authors have done a great job with their stories! For example, many of our published stories make it to the top of our categories. In this case, Jonathon’s story made number one for best new Hot Reads on Amazon.

Not only that, the reviews on many of our author’s stories are telling us that readers are loving what they see.
Short Story Reviews - very interesting story with a nice plot and well written.

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