How to use Scrivener – Get writing fast

I’m a big fan of Scrivener, so I’m going to share some simple features on how to use Scrivener and get you started fast. I’m also sharing some cool features you can find in the Mac version. Scrivener works by letting you put all your research, character sketches, and story content in one setting. PC […]

Subscription box for creative writers – Plot Box

The new Plot Box is coming! This is a monthly Subscription box for creative writers and it’s aimed at all the things that we as writers need to keep us motivated and writing. The new and improved Plot Boxes are being hatched. It’s been through beta testing with some paid subscribers and I got some great […]

Writers Forum

A new, unique opportunity to get help for writers with our new Writers Forum for Plot Duckies (aka Duckies Forum)! This will only be offered for the next 10 days (March 29, 2018) – otherwise, you have to be a Plot Box subscriber to get access. I’m creating a forum where writers can connect online (not […]

Writing Box Subscription!

The Idea for the Writing Box When I started Plot Duckies, I wanted to find a way to help as many creative writers as possible. Events are great, but I wanted to do more. I was looking for help on running an idea hack session for my business. Turns out ABQID runs idea hack sessions! It’s […]

Creative Thinking could be one Long Night Away

I love finding new research on creativity and creative thinking! There’s so much out there to know and I want to make sure to share it with you. This latest from Scientific America suggests that we can be more creative when we’re tired. That might lend well to the whole idea of things like the […]

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