I’m sure you know that having the right ambiance for writing is important. If the space is too noisy it can be distracting and as a writer you’ve probably done your own search for the best place to write.

That’s why I decided to personally visit any hotels I book for events. I wanted to know that I could feel happy writing there, and hope that attendees would feel the same way.

The right choices

I first narrowed my choices down. I considered some of the iconic Route 66 motels in Albuquerque, but I found them too noisy and there were no great spaces to sit and write. Then I focused on hotels and narrowed the list down to places that have a presence/ambiance and were close to restaurants and downtown so we could access the train and other options.

Hotel with History

First up was Hotel Parq Central. This hotel was originally built in 1926 as a hospital to serve the people traveling and working on the Santa Fe Railroad. The facade is a beautiful Spanish Colonial and kept original while the interior was completely gutted and rebuilt in 2010.

The minute I walked in I loved it. Bright, clean, quiet and elegant.

I was greeted by the event coordinator, Noelle. Not only was she friendly, but being a creative writer she immediately understood what I was trying to achieve.

Great Spaces

She showed me around to the breakfast room. They have free continental breakfast and the room is left open all day. I’d love to spend some time in the center chair working on my novel!

They even have a separate building that was once the Head Physician’s residence with its own library and porch. In addition, there is a gorgeous lobby and a sunroom. There’s also a 24/7 hot tub, and an outdoor patio that will have heaters in October 2017 (luckily our weather in Albuquerque is pretty mild).

Next Up

I’m already in love, but I have to give the other two places a chance (I’ll be checking in on the Hotel Andaluz and the Hyatt Albuquerque)

I’ll have a decision on this soon. Personally, I can’t wait! This is going to be fun, exciting, and productive!

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