What to do about Boring Writing Conferences

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I was at a writers conference, my mind so numb from sitting down all day that I finally had to go for a walk. The inspirational muse had not bitten all day.

I came across a park where a gathering of neighbors was creating handmade ceramic leaves. The leaves were then affixed to the walls of their park. I was honored that they invited me to join them.

Creative Activity Breeds Creativity

The creative endeavor of designing my own leaf through a project I had never done before gave me new energy. Mid-activity I suddenly had an idea for a new story. A young girl on the search for a distant relative who might have secrets to reveal. A whoosh of dry leaves blowing around her as she walks down the New York city streets.

I stopped to take notes in my writer’s notebook that I carry with me everywhere. Then I finished up the ceramic leaf and made some new friends that day.


On my walk back to the conference, I realized that the experience was exactly what I needed; that and good instructors/facilitators for writing. And that’s when I decided to build a different kind of writer’s workshop.

An event where writers can have time to work on their projects, get feedback and instruction from published authors (who also know how to teach), and have fun activities that actually spur creative ideas. Since then, I’ve read a ton of scientific research about creativity and how to relearn to be creative.

I now have events coming up in Albuquerque throughout 2017 (and Santa Fe in 2018), and I would love your input on what you would like to see. Feel free to comment below or email me, what would you like to see in a creative writer event? Dream Big!

Thanks! Sonja


What to do about Boring Writing Conferences

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