Writers Forum

Writers Forum

A new, unique opportunity to get help for writers with our new Writers Forum for Plot Duckies (aka Duckies Forum)! This will only be offered for the next 10 days (March 29, 2018) – otherwise, you have to be a Plot Box subscriber to get access.

I’m creating a forum where writers can connect online (not a group, not a facebook page).

How does the Duckies Writers Forum work?

1. Join Duckies Forum
2. Share a challenge, obstacle, question, or setback you’re facing in your writing
3. Answer someone else’s challenge, obstacle, question, or setback with ideas or feedback.
4. Get ideas and answers from me and other experienced writers.
5. Don’t waste time searching for an answer on Facebook or Google.

BTW: One of you lucky ducks will win a free Plot Box (first box). AND – as I build out the Plot Duckies platform, you’ll get the opportunity to tell me what you need help with the most. My goal is to be your most helpful source of ideas, inspiration, and motivation to keep writing creatively.

Ready to connect with like-minded writers who want to grow and learn? Then sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dos9hv

Next step? At the end of ten days, I’ll turn off the sign-up, and send you an email with more information. Connect with you soon!

Writers Forum

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